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Daniel is currently a Sheriff Deputy with Montgomery County, he helps protect and serve the community. He's been dedicated to law enforcement for the last 16 years; 15 of those years here in Montgomery County. He is devoted to the betterment of himself and others and it is inevitably seen in his hard work over the last 16 years.

Daniel began his law enforcement journey, initially, as a detention officer in the jail while simultaneously serving as a reserve deputy. He transitioned from a detention officer to a patrol officer prior to being selected to serve and join the Montgomery County SWAT Team.

With the desire to further himself and gain knowledge and experience for his community, He accepted an overseas private security contractor position with the State Department. After two years of growth and education overseas, Daniel returned to the County as a patrol officer. Soon after returning to his community, he transferred to the Montgomery County SWAT Team, full time, as a Specialist. This transfer enabled him to utilize the expertise attained for the betterment of the team and the community.

He is currently an active team member of the Montgomery County SWAT Team where he is a team leader and the executive protection detail lead for the team. He is one of the primary instructors in active shooter training for the entire county. While holding these responsibilities, he is also responsible for conducting risk and vulnerability assessments of county facilities for security purposes. Additional to these responsibilities, he is a certified instructor for several law enforcement and medical disciplines where he instructs the citizens and deputies of Montgomery County.

Daniel did not begin to fill his commitment to serve others just 15 years ago. In fact, he has had the passion long before his entrance into law enforcement as he served his country in the United States Army. Daniel was an Airborne Infantryman as part of the Army’s OPFOR unit. While stationed at Fort Polk, LA he assisted in training units from all branches of the

military around the world.

Daniel's desire to serve and protect is infectious and continues to be a flame with ambitious ideas and aspirations. In addition to serving his country in the United States Army and his active involvement in law enforcement. He is a current member of Team Rubicon which allows him the  ability to assist communities in natural disasters worldwide. Daniel is certified with Team Rubicon as a Wild Land Firefighter and in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

Daniel is a dedicated family figure and believes in the happiness and achievements for all. He has been married for 9 years to his wife, Melody, and is an active father and role model to his 6 children and newborn granddaughter. he has 5 beautiful girls and the youngest, a handsome and mischievous son. Daniel, whom has never passed up an opportunity to lend a helping hand, raised his nephew after his brother unexpectedly passed away. He strives to put his family first and ensures that his children portray values of accomplishment in everything they do. Furthermore, Daniel is a selfless friend. He invests time and energy into donating and providing for those in need.

Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management from Ashford University and a Master’s degree in Security Management from American Military University. He is a certified Master Peace officer, acquiring over 7800 training hours and a certified Paramedic. He keeps his Paramedic current by being a first responder with Montgomery County Hospital District and as a Tactical Medic for the Montgomery County

SWAT Team.

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